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Gianforte encourages students at Boys State

June 4, 2018
In The News

High school boys across the state are learning the inner workings of government this week in the Capital City. Our Bliss Zechman listened in on a special lecture students received at the American Legion's Boys State conference.

"We needed someone back in Washington who understood our way of life.," said rep. Greg Gianforte in his speech to students at boy’s state.

U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte imparted his words of wisdom concerning government and business to a crowded room of young scholars today. He emphasized the importance of keeping young, bright Montanans, like the hundreds of boys crowded into this room at Carroll College, in their home state.

"It’s not every day you get to meet someone like that and see their take on it and to see how religiously in favor they are of their own opinion," said Louis Ingles, a delegate from Broadwater High School.

Its just day two of a weeklong session where these boys from across the Treasure State will learn about city, county, and state government. However, Ingles says he's already gotten a better understanding of what makes government tick.This knowledge is something Rep. Gianforte says is vital to keep Montana competitive in today's political climate

"I am sure that we have our future leaders in this room. There's been a history. We have a number of Boys State graduates on our team. I know them because they look you in the eye, they have a firm handshake, they can discern issues and they are just very productive," said Gianforte.

Montana’s Boys State conference has been producing future leaders since 1947. They'll participate in a series of mock government simulations, hear from prestigious speakers and make life-long friends along the way.

"The thing we try to instill the most is a sense of civic duty, civic pride and then how to access that once they get home in their hometowns and just be able to give back to their community," said Greg Pohle, Boys State Director.  

As the boys wrap up their week in the Capitol city, Girls State will start up. The programs are very similar, only this time, young women will get their turn holding the gavel.