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Gianforte, Attorney General Fox Collaborate for Safer Montana Communities

October 11, 2018
Press Release

Congressman Greg Gianforte and Attorney General Tim Fox met to discuss federal and state policies related to illegal drugs and law enforcement at a roundtable this week in Helena.

The meeting is part of an ongoing cooperative approach between Gianforte and Fox to reduce drug addiction and improve community safety.

Leaders in the Montana Department of Justice also participated in the meeting.

“I’ll continue to work with state officials to make our communities safer,” said Gianforte. “The reality is we don’t have Montana meth. We have Mexican meth. We need to secure the border and make sure our local law enforcement has the resources they need to make our communities safe.”

Gianforte shared information and invited comment on sweeping legislation to combat substance abuse, the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act, H.R. 6. The measure provides for prevention, interdiction, treatment, and recovery. Gianforte voted for the bill on June 22, 2018 and again on September 28. President Trump is expected to sign the legislation.

“Law enforcement must have the tools they need to get illegal drugs like meth and opioids off our streets and out of our communities, but we also need to ensure that addicts have access to treatment and recovery so they may turn their lives around,” Gianforte said. “The legislation I supported will empower law enforcement, help addicts, and bring together families that have been torn apart by addiction.”

“I understand the Congressman has a lot of things that he has to do back in D.C., but he’s firmly grounded here. He understands the problems and wants to learn more,” Fox said. “It underscores the fact that we’re all in this together. None of us can work alone and think we’re going to solve this problem. I appreciate that our federal, state and local leaders all get that.”

Fox and officials from the Montana Department of Justice updated Gianforte on Aid Montana, an initiative Fox launched last year. The program takes a comprehensive approach to combating substance abuse, including law enforcement, treatment, education, and coordination efforts with other stakeholders.

Fox sees a promising future for Aid Montana. “It’s the first time in our state’s history on this issue of substance abuse we’re all working together, and hopefully we’ll make an impact,” Fox said.