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Gianforte Concludes Tax Cuts and Jobs Tour

April 7, 2018
Press Release

Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte wrapped up his Tax Cuts and Jobs Tour today in Shelby.

“Throughout the tour, I heard loud and clear from Montanans that the tax cuts passed in December are helping them,” Gianforte said. “Because of the tax cuts, hardworking Montanans are keeping more of what they earn, and our small businesses are growing, hiring more people, and increasing wages.”

During his Tax Cuts and Jobs Tour, Gianforte had stops in Bozeman, Helena, Missoula, Billings, Great Falls, and Shelby.

Gianforte says while the tour has concluded, he is not done traveling the state to hear from more Montanans about how the tax cuts are impacting them.

“I look forward to meeting with Montanans throughout the state and learning more about how the tax cuts are benefiting them and their families,” Gianforte said.

Gianforte voted in December for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the first reform of the federal tax code in more than 30 years. The new tax law cuts rates for taxpayers at every income level, expands the standard deduction, doubles the child tax credit, and provides needed relief to Montana’s small businesses.

Bozeman: Gianforte conducted a roundtable discussion in Bozeman with Montana ag leaders. Producers expressed appreciation for the expanded exemption of the death tax, saying it will benefit more family-owned farms and ranches. A local farmer and food processor praised the overall tax relief, and said tax reform contributed to his decision to double his staff from six to 12.

Bozeman: Gianforte hosted a roundtable with women small business owners to conclude Women’s History Month. The entrepreneurs expressed an optimistic outlook for the future of their businesses, and anticipated increasing wages and benefits for their employees. One entrepreneur, who co-owns a cabinetry and design business with her husband, said the new tax policies were a big part of their decision to launch two new businesses this year.

Helena: Gianforte toured the Boeing facility in Helena, met with employees, and learned how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is benefiting the company and its workers. Employees told Gianforte they were seeing larger paychecks as a result of the tax cuts. Boeing’s Helena facility is installing new manufacturing equipment and will add 20 new employees this year. Boeing welcomed the tax cuts with $300 million in employee-related and charitable investments, including $100 million in workforce development and $100 million in facilities improvements for employees.

Missoula: Gianforte met with UPS managers and employees in Missoula. Workers indicated they were seeing more money in their paychecks because of the tax cuts. They also discussed the company’s plan to invest $12 billion to develop its infrastructure, purchase new transportation equipment, improve facilities, and increase employee benefits. The company’s announcement that it will infuse its pension plans with $5 billion, which is about $13,000 per employee, has drivers and other employees feeling more confident about their families’ futures, as well as the outlook for the company.

Billings: Gianforte visited Billings Flying Service, which operates a fleet of helicopters that can be employed in construction, firefighting, resource development, disaster relief, and movies. Gianforte toured the facility, met with the owners, and had lunch with employees. Citing reforms to the tax code that allow businesses to immediately write off the full cost of new equipment, the company is investing in updated equipment. The tax cuts have also facilitated new research and development for enhanced firefighting equipment. Over lunch, employees of Billings Flying Service told Gianforte they have seen their take-home pay increase because of the tax cuts.

Billings: At a roundtable discussion with Montana energy leaders in Billings, Gianforte heard about how Montana’s energy sector is benefiting from the new tax code. According to one of the participants, “The whole industry benefits from the reform. Our companies, our employees, and our communities are all seeing benefits.”

Great Falls: Gianforte met with officials and employees with Loenbro, a Great Falls industrial construction and manufacturing company. The business has more than 600 employees and offices in five states. Officials said the benefits from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act immediately added 15 percent to Loenbro’s bottom line. The company, which has hired about 200 new employees in the last year, is increasing worker benefits, enhancing training programs, and investing in construction equipment that will create new jobs.

Great Falls: Gianforte talked with the owner, managers, and employees at a KFC on Central Avenue in Great Falls. The proprietor, who owns 10 other KFC locations throughout Montana, says he gave all employees pay raises, increased starting wages for new employees, and is planning renovations in many of his locations. He attributes the pay increases and investments to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Shelby: Gianforte visited Big Sky Wholesale Seeds, a seed production company in Shelby. Gianforte met with owners of the business to discuss the impact of tax reform as well as federal regulations. Gianforte also talked with employees who have seen their paychecks grow because of the tax cuts.