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Gianforte Recaps Town Hall Event With Montana Seniors

July 31, 2019
Press Release

Congressman Greg Gianforte recently held a town hall event with Montana seniors, his sixth telephone town hall event of 2019.

“I appreciate every chance I get to talk to Montanans,” Gianforte said. “With town halls, I hear about issues important to folks and carry their concerns with me as I serve them. I look forward to continuing these conversations as I travel the state and meet with more Montanans during this in-state work period.”

Gianforte’s telephone town hall reached Montana seniors throughout the state. Gianforte took questions from constituents in Polson, Sealey Lake, Libby, and Whitehall, as well as other Montana towns and cities.

Many of the questions Montanans posed to Gianforte related to health care, prescription drugs, Medicare, immigration, robocalls, and federal spending.

Gianforte also held a town hall for Montana seniors in April. He has held four other telephone town halls in 2019.

During the town hall event, Gianforte posed five questions to Montanans to gauge their opinions on various topics. The questions and answers follow:


1. What do you believe is the most important issue facing America today?

44% - Border Security

21% - Out-of-control spending and debt

12% - Environment and climate change

11% - Health care

7% - National security and the military

5% - The economy and good-paying jobs


2. Do you believe the federal government should crack down on illegal robocalls?

97% - Yes

3% - No


3. Do you support Medicare for All which would end Medicare as we know it?

84% - No

16% - Yes


4. When it comes to federal spending, do you support the federal government continuing to increase spending and the national debt, or do you support balancing the federal budget?

96% - Balance the federal budget

4% - Increase spending and the national debt


5. When it comes to holding town hall events, do you prefer telephone town halls, like this, or physical town hall meetings?

83% - Telephone town halls

17% - Physical town hall


Montanans may sign up to participate in Gianforte’s telephone town hall events by calling staff in his Washington office at 202-225-3211 or texting REPGIANFORTE to 833-TXT-LIVE.