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Gianforte Stops Payment on Congressional Pay Raise

June 13, 2019
Press Release

After a bipartisan effort from Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte, Pennsylvania Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick, and 17 other lawmakers, House leaders chose to delay consideration of an appropriations measure which included a pay increase for Members of Congress.

“Hardworking Montanans know that if you don’t do your job, you don’t deserve a pay raise. In Washington, Congress hasn’t passed a budget, hasn’t secured the border, and hasn’t reined in out-of-control spending,” Gianforte said. “Congress hasn’t done its job, it doesn’t deserve a pay raise, and I’ll continue working to prevent Congress from getting one.”

“America’s infrastructure is crumbling, our borders remain unsecured, our immigration system is broken, healthcare costs continue to rise, and Americans are still living paycheck to paycheck. This Congress has had six months since it convened in January to address these issues but has not. Members from both parties are to blame. And yet, members from both parties seem to think they have earned a pay raise,” said Fitzpatrick. “I am pleased that enough of my colleagues agreed to join me that we were able to force leadership to put this ridiculous raise on hold. I look forward to meeting House leadership at the negotiating table to ensure the Legislative Branch Appropriations Bill doesn’t include any pay increase for myself or any of my colleagues.”

Congressional pay raises tucked into the Legislative Branch Appropriations bill threatened to sink a larger appropriations package. As a result, the House Rules Committee opted to remove the Legislative Branch Appropriations bill from consideration this week.

Last week, Gianforte, Fitzpatrick, and 17 Democratic and Republican lawmakers offered an amendment to an appropriations bill that would stop proposed pay increases for Members of Congress.